Anything better than gulping your favourite cup of iced boba milk to beat the hot weather of Malaysia? Boba milk are now part of our food culture. These fragrant creamy and chewy drinks has become a craze all over the world. More and more new boba milk brands are popping out! Take a look at some of the best brown sugar boba milk in Malaysia.


Well known for making their own tapioca balls (boba) from the scratch, cooked for two hours and they named it Deerioca comes from the word ‘Deer’ that resembles their emblem. Their Aurora fruit series are slush-based drinks that are very instagrammable. Brown Sugar Creme Brulee Milk is their hit.

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One of the youngest to enter the boba milk market but has made name very fast. All their staffs will be shouting their tagline “Brave as a Tiger” while preparing the drinks. The cups are coated with brown sugar, which is supposed to resemble the stripes of a tiger when milk is poured in. Their boba milk comes in a huge amount for the price as same as other boba milk brands. Their best-selling is Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse.

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Means happiness. Claimed to be the first and original Taiwanese stir-fried brown sugar boba milk. They actually stir fry the brown sugar with boba in front of us. And guess what? Xing Fu Tang has also start making their tapioca pearls from the scratch! Their mango smoothie with rabbit panna cotta is a must try!

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Also known as Black Bear Hall is famous for the additional layer of torched cheese on top of their boba milk called Roasted Brown Sugar Pearls with Fresh Milk. Claims to have the most fragrant brown sugar boba milk. Their specialty from Taiwan is still the honey golden pearls.

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Originated from Guangzhou, China not Taiwan. Has 30 stores worldwide. They specialise in premium fruit smoothies, handcrafted teas and pastries. Their well known drink is Rose Guanying and milk tea with boba, where you can smell and taste the actual tea in it.

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They always come out with offers like half price, buy 1 free 1. Keep an eye on their facebook page for new offers every month. Known for having aesthetically beautiful place to take pictures with your drinks.

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A brand from China, that has more than 130 outlets in China. They are known for their sweet yet salty cheese series. Good thing about Royal Tea is they use glass instead of plastic cups to serve their drinks when you dine in except if you take away. Very environmentally friendly.

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Best thing of the boba milk here is that you can customise the sugar levels in your drink. Other than the Brown Sugar Series, they break the bound of traditional method by creating honey peach gum using natural bird’s nest with skin nourishing effect. They also serve brown sugar vanilla ice cream. Give a try on their exclusive brown sugar avocado milk, the latest addition to the boba craze.

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One of the oldest boba milk tea brand. This Taiwanese boba tea calls itself the only masters of hand-made artisan tea. Favourite among the Singaporeans. Known for their light coloured chewy boba. There is an option of selecting the sugar level of the milk tea like (50% – for a healthier choice), which is very ‘Taiwan’. Their yakult green tea is something different and they have ice cream tea too.

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Malaysia’s brand that is famous throughout Asia. It was first known as Chatime before it parted ways. Cheaper compared to all other brands above. Do you know that they have antioxidants, collagen, energy, and protein (sachets) to be added to your favourite boba milk drinks? Don’t forget to try their new Durian Milk Tea with the real taste of D24 and the ever hit Bang Bang Horlicks Milk Tea.