The statement “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” is still one of the greatest medical prescriptions ever offered. And garlic is at the top of this food prescription list. Garlic is one of the most commonly used food item in cooking. This herb has been used in cooking and for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

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With age, memory and cognitive changes may occur. Parts of the brain linked to learning, memory, planning and other cognitive functions may shrink as you get older. In addition, decreased blood flow to the brain because of the narrowing of the arteries, free radical damage to cells and increased inflammation in the brain may occur, all of which affect cognitive functioning. Garlic’s inflammation-reducing properties may be beneficial for your brain.


Garlic promotes hair growth making it longer and thicker. To achieve this result, one should apply it to the scalp. Garlic could end your hair loss problems because of its high levels of allicin, a sulfur compound similar to that found in onions, which is found to effectively treat hair loss.

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Garlic should be fresh in order to protect you from diseases. It contains a bunch of vitamins, beneficial oils and amino acids. It has allicin, an organic compound that kills bacteria and fungi. Heating garlics will kill almost all the beneficial properties of garlic.


Due to its antibacterial and anti fungal properties, garlic is good for the mouth cavity. It kills harmful microbes and heals inflamed gums. This useful garlic decreases the risk of cavities. If you start eating garlic regularly, you won’t need to see your dentist as often.


Add garlic to your diet if you suffer from high blood pressure. It widens vessels and decreases arterial pressure. In order to cure hypertension, one should eat 4 cloves of garlic daily. Garlic decreases the level of bad cholesterol in the blood by 10-15%.

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