When you can sit in the comfort of your house while scanning the books in the online portal, you save time, energy and money too. When you buy books online you get to check the reviews of fellow readers who may provide feedback about the subject matter of a certain book. Here are some of the online book stores you may consider the next time!


Book Depository is an online book store many people haven’t heard of in Malaysia. This online book store is based in the UK but delivers internationally, including Malaysia. Even better is the fact the site offers free international delivery. They offer over 19 million titles at low prices. You can search the website by keywords, best sellers, ‘fast movers’, ‘book of the week’ and more. It is a good place to look for those hard-to-find books and save money by avoiding shipping costs. The only downside to buying books from this website is that delivery can take a long time. It can take from 7 to 14 days (sometimes up to 3 weeks) for an order to arrive in Malaysia, regardless if the book is shipped from their UK or Australia based.

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One of the biggest names in online book shopping. Amazon has quickly become a one-stop-shop for purchasing goods online, and they’ve got a massive selection of books and e-books. You can find almost any book and any edition that you want from here. And if you’re looking for books for your little ones, sign up for Amazon Prime Book Box and save up to 40% on kid’s titles. They also sells e-books in Kindle format. Most other online bookstores in Malaysia do not offer e-books in this format. Another useful feature is the listing of options whether the book you are after is available as brand new, pre-loved (with cheaper prices listed). Unfortunately, Amazon shipping rates are quite high with standard shipments rates.

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BookXcess is a great place to look for discounted books. They sell books at much cheaper rate than any other bookstore in the country. They basically purchase overstocked books at low prices from other major bookstores, so that same low price is enjoyed by shoppers. Members can enjoy a 5% discount for purchases above RM50 and a 10% discount for purchases above RM150. Since they sell only over-printed and over-stocked books, they do not always have the latest books. If you are looking for a newly-released title, you might have to wait for a long time. Shipping costs are calculated on a order-to-order basis based on the delivery address and weight or dimensions of the books in the order. Deliveries take 3-5 business days. There is also an option to self-collect at the BookXcess warehouse.


OpenTrolley is an online bookstore that started in Singapore. It has since expanded to Malaysia and Indonesia now. They offer over 10 million titles, with books in over 4,000 subcategories. Their collection is impressively comprehensive. You can either pick it up from the Toy Outpost or get it delivered to you. If you’re picking it up, bring your own bag or else you’ll be carrying your book just like that. They do have frequent sales, however, and they also offer discounts during the Great Singapore Sale.


Fishpond is another local online bookstore. Their main strength is the that they offer free local shipping. Their selection of books, not as big as say Amazon, is quite good for casual reading, although you might not be able to find certain editions or titles here. They do carry some of the popular local publications which are harder to find on international websites. Purchasing books require you to create member profile, though the membership is free.

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