The instant availability of boba drinks shops (at almost every corner), coupled with the crazy heat, may tempt you to jump in line for a thirst quencher! The base of every boba drink is usually milk or tea that’s loaded with antioxidants. But bear in mind the additional flavoured syrups, starchy pearls and non-dairy creamers that leave you sipping on a calorie bomb. All that excessive things puts you at higher risk of weight gaining. For those who are on diet, are you crying inside that you can’t have something that you like? Here are the ways to still go for it, but in lesser calories.

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Look for the ones that mix tea with fresh fruit juices (not fruit syrup!) and with actual slices of fruit. You will hardly taste any bitterness of the tea thanks to the sweetness and tartness from fruits like grapefruit, oranges, watermelon and mango. Order them without milk, which can actually add 100 calories or more! So avoid milk and any creams.


Yes this is the best way to not gain weight! If cutting out sugar feels completely impossible from the get-go, do it progressively. Start by asking for a lower level of sugar in your boba drink. You will be surprised and slightly shocked at how sweet it tastes even at a sugar level of 30%! You will thank god later.


Hardest part ever, but worth it! The chewy tapioca pearls are essentially carbohydrates with no nutritional value empty calories. While it’s pretty much the star of the show, these starchy spheres made of cassava starch, potato and brown sugar contributes an additional 100 calories per serving (about a quarter cup), according to the Health Promotion Board. Option for a healthier topping like aloe vera chunks maybe, for a refreshing chew between slurps.

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A thick layer of cheese foam on top, where sweet meets savoury, is made of foamy milk, whipped cream, cream cheese and lots of salt! Even salt is bad if you are trying to lose weight, remember that!


The most important thing to control your sugar intake is by being wise in choosing the size of the cup! Always go for the smallest size don’t go for the large size. The bigger the cup the larger the amount of calories in it. If you are going with your friends, order 1 and share with 1 of your friend. By doing this you can cut half of calories consumed.