How many of you know what’s good to eat here in Sabah? Reasonable and simple yet unique food are available all over Sabah.


Originated from Tuaran Town is one of the most popular noodles in Sabah. Tuaran Mee is usually fried and serve with Chun Kien slice (Sabah Hakka Spring roll) and vegetables. A good plate of fried Tuaran mee should be fragrant, springy and leaves an “eggy” aftertaste. If you in drop by Kota Kinabalu and thinking which noodle to eat, Tuaran Mee should be first in the list of food you must taste when visiting Sabah.

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Sabah is surrounded by sea and seafood is common because seafood here is much more cheaper than anywhere else. A visit to Sabah will not be completed without trying some kinds of seafood like king crab and lobsters at restaurants. If you are visiting Kota Kinabalu, you can easily find seafood restaurants scattered around the city center.


A traditional dish from Sabah, seeing this dish for the first time may surprise you. It is actually a type of seaweed. That is because it looks like a bunch of mini grapes! The locals here eat it as a type of salad with condiments such as sambal belacan, kasturi limecili padi and green sour mangoes.

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Ngiu Chap (beef) typically consists of mee hoon (rice vermicelli noodles) in a beef broth soup accompanied by a generous amount of beef parts. For those who are craving for something spicy, try Hainan Laksa Ngiu Chap. The combined flavours of beef and laksa soup create a very distinctive taste.

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A local dish and also a famous street food that is a must try in Sabah is the Hinava, which originated from the Kadazan Dusun tribes. This dish consists of raw fish marinated with lime juice, which is mixed together with a variety of seasonings such as salt, red chilli, slice shallots, lemongrass and ginger. Just think of it like eating sushi!


Sabah is also well known in serving delicious Polo Bun, or known as pineapple bun. This simple pastry is unique than the conventional pineapple bun in the sense there are actual pineapple jam as filling inside with little chunks of pineapple.

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