Approximately 200 breeds of durians in Malaysia, each breed is brimmed with exquisite flavour and aroma. When they ripe and fall onto the ground, they tend to have more flesh and a stronger aroma. The durian season usually occurs every June and July. It is a creamy, tender and sweet fruit that is encased by a distinctive thorny outer-shell.


Musang King is the king of the ‘king of fruits’. Also known as Mao Shan Wang, is one of the most popular and expensive durian in Malaysia and originates from Gua Musang, Kelantan. Musang King is a decadent golden yellow flesh, buttery, small-seeded with thick flesh, and creamy that is so memorable that you’ll be hard-pressed to remember anything after eating it!

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Originally found in Penang. Red Prawn’s outer shell is usually a dusky brown in colour. The name comes from the durian’s flesh being orange-red like salmon colour and is quite sticky and it looks curled like a prawn shape. The taste comes with a hint of sweetness of aftertaste and is extremely enjoyable! This breed stands out with a sweet vermillion flesh, rich and strong aroma.


Sungai Bakap in Penang was where the original Black Thorn mother tree came from. The fruit from that tree was so popular that the waiting list was years long. “It took me two years to taste that fruit,” says Heng Mee Oo, who owns one of the biggest Black Thorn orchards in Malaysia. It varies a lot in terms of size, but can be recognised by it’s perfectly plump pumpkin shape and little stem, about as long as a thumb. The bottom has a little belly-button indent that protects the durian’s dried up flower stamen from breaking off as it grows, creating a blackened thorn that gives the durian its name. It is rosy orange, that can vary from pastel to flame depending on the age of the tree.

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Originated from Batu Pahat, Johor, Black Pearl is quite difficult to find nowadays. A favourite among Singaporeans, this durian contains pale grey-ish coloured flesh that is soft in texture and has smaller seeds. The flesh is so soft and creamy that it falls right off the seed and comes with a taste that is immensely sweet and bitter. It has lesser flesh compared to the other durian types.

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The D24 durian is also known as Sultan. Most popular cloned durian. It was originated in Bukit Merah, Perak. The flesh is thick yellow coloured and it has a similar taste to Musang King sweet to slight bitterness.