When we think about food, all we think is Penang. Penang’s food is conceived from legendary style cooking with fiery woks and traditional food. Kelantan can also be called as food heaven for their unique, home-cooked, hearty meals and also reasonably priced food.


Kelantanese dishes is known for being very sweet but the Fish Head Soup at Warung Pak Mat has a balance of sweet, sour and spicy. They use fresh and juicy barramundi that is cooked with goat’s gearbox that makes it rich in taste. Eat it with hot white rice, you can never get this taste anywhere! Pair it with the ever famous teh beng madu (milk tea with honey). Milk tea is one of their speciality there.

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Nasi tumpang is one of the well known dish in Indonesia but to get it in Malaysia, here is the place with a slight change to Malaysian’s taste bud. Triangle shaped wrapped in banana leaf filled with glutinous rice, fish stew and beef floss is so good to have it for breakfast! The portion of nasi tumpang is just nice for not feeling too full. Don’t forget to try Kelantan style Roti Bakar called Roti Titab here. It comes with kaya and half boiled egg on top of a square toasted bread.


We know about Laksa but what is Laksam? Like Penang’s Assam Laksa, Laksam uses a fish-based broth but instead of adding lime and tamarind they use coconut milk in it so it has a rich savoury taste compared to Laksa. Even the noodles are thicker. They add on kerabu veggies, beef floss, quail eggs and spicy bird chilli sambal for a kick!


Never leave Kelantan without try Nasi Kak Wok! Steamed rice served with fried lemongrass chicken, special kelantan style curry, spicy sweet sambal and some cucumbers. What makes it special is the chicken. Now you can Nasi Kak Wok everywhere around Malaysia, but here is where it started first. Their third generation is now handling this place. That’s how antique it is.


When you say Kelantan, this is what people remember of. Kota Bharu’s central market is famous for the varieties of colourful kuih-muih and other sweet treats. You can never get to taste all the kuih-muih here in one day. Don’t forget to try Akok and Cek Mek Molek, famous in Kelantan.

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Maggi is in every household nowadays as they are economical and easy to buy. But have you ever tried eating maggi with crab? Sounds extra and unusual, mixing a cheap maggi with an expensive seafood. Eating maggi with big crab on it is usual weekly food in Kelantan because it is easier to get crabs there and it is cheaper too. Why miss the chance?


What makes Ayam Percik Kelantan different and special compared to other states? It is the sauce. Here the sauce that is used to marinate is white in colour, and the taste is thicker and richer than the average ayam percik sauce. It is of course more appetizing to pair the char-grilled ayam percik with the famous healthy nasi kerabu.

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This is a mouthful to pronounce but the taste of this meal is good for any rainy day. Because it is served hot and spicy! Their intestine soup is so good that you can just drink like that or pair it with rice. Their char-grilled beef is also a hit here. It comes with sweet-sourish air asam to dip in with the beef.