How can you not to visit Thailand 7-Eleven when you are travelling there? It’s for sure the favorite go-to-place for everyone. Thailand 7-Eleven will never disappoint you; 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, your trustable partner for food, drinks, snacks and other travel necessary things, every things you can find at here.

There are over 8,000 7-Eleven convenience stores in Thailand, of which half are in Bangkok! Really, the density of these stores in the Thai capital is amazing. Wherever you are in Bangkok you will find a 7-Eleven store nearby; some even say you will find one within a 5 minute walk from anywhere.

The most important is this leading convenience store provides you the snacks which you can only buy in Thailand with a cheapest price! Let’s discover what kind of snacks you must try and can only buy in Thailand!


1. Le Pan Banana Cake

If you’re a fan of the famous Tokyo Banana, there’s a similar version at a lower cost and much closer to home: The Le Pan Banana Cake! This banana-shaped, banana-flavored cake is available at all 7-Eleven outlets in Thailand for only 12 Baht, which is about 1.60 in Malaysia Ringgit. It’s light fluffy, with a smooth custard-cream filling that’s not too sweet.


2. Thailand Instant Noodles

Instant noodle fans rejoice: Thailand has a wide selection of cup noodles to whet every fan’s appetite. Especially worth trying are instant noodles from the MAMA brand. The soup is thicker, creamier and more flavorful than most others. For a burst of Thai flavor and strong heat, try their tom yum flavored noodle!


3. Koko Crunch Bar

If you heard before this famous koko crunch bar, then you must buy it while travelling in Thailand with the lower price!


4. Lay’s Potato Chips

Lay’s is available pretty much everywhere in the world. In Thailand, however, the number of flavors is amplified manifold. Beyond your standard sour cream or barbecue flavors, you will see unique tastes such as nori seaweed, roasted chicken, honey butter and salmon.


5. 7-Eleven Fresh Burger

The burgers in Thailand’s 7-Eleven stores are worth a try. They are the equivalent to Malaysia’s famous Ramly burgers. Choose from an array of delightfully savory flavors that are perfect for a sinful late night snack while binge-watching movies in your hotel room.


6. Smooto Mask

In Thailand, had to mention its young skin care brand Smooto, it has a mask, cream, essence, and other products. Lovely fruit packaging to attract a large number of young fans, especially the tomato mask it launched, there is no sleep efficacy of whitening, but also contains a large number of Vitamin C, can make your skin drink enough water.


7. Betagen

Forget Vitagen or Yakult. When you’re in Thailand, make sure you try Betagen. It’s a drink that’s loved by Thais and tourists alike. This tangy local yogurt drink is slightly more concentrated than other brands, and is packed with vitamins, probiotics and a fair amount of sugar.

If you’re hitting the street for a long day of shopping, then this is your must-have companion. Grab one for an instant energy boost!


8. Microwave Meal Box

How to have a sumptuous meal in Thailand without ever spending? Or craving some supper when feeling hungry in the midnight? Check out 7-Eeleven delightful microwave meal box! There provides wide range of rice box and noodles box.


9. 7-Eleven Sandwich

Thailand 7-Eleven offers an array of sumptuous sandwiches that will appease your grumbling stomach and boost your appetite!

Alright! Enjoy your trip and do remember to check out the Thailand 7-Eleven snacks above!