Penang is the food capital of South East Asia and is paradise for any foodie due to its diverse array of cuisines and flavors. You can find Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Western and everything in between, all serving up unique twists on the classics, as well as more innovative fusion dishes.

However, most of the people normally are introducing the foods in Georgetown but no other places such as Bayan Lepas. If you live at Bayan Lepas or you wish to go there to have a try some nice foods, then you should continue reading of this – the top 8 best foods in Bayan Lepas!


1. 888 Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee is a very common food but also one of the must-try local food in Penang and one of the famous shops is the 888 Hokkien Mee at Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Lepas.

Besides, you can also order Lor Mee or a combination of Hokkien Lor Mee. And of course, you can also add for extra ingredients such as roast pork, eggs, noodles and so on.


2. Spade’s Burger

Their burger is the best in town so far, after trying a few shops in Bayan Lepas. They offered each item on the menu has its own profile, and is a result of a very long and thorough taste-testing process for the right balance of flavor. They even made their own blend of sauces and toppings to ensure that you never find the same taste elsewhere.

Spade’s Burger is all about serving awesome food which you can savor on a daily basis without burning a hole in your pocket. That’s why you must definitely give it a try if you are nearby!


3. Blue Reef Fish & Chips

Blue Reef Fish & Chips is a restaurant which is servings a wide range of western varieties cuisines but has been well known for its signature fish & chips. The fish is crispy and the flesh is soft, it is always better to squeeze the lemon into the fish and the tartar sauce provided is nice too.

They always serve fresh and good quality of foods, even though the prices are slightly higher but the portion is big. So, it is still worth for you to have a try of it right!


4. Go Noodles House

The signature recipe at Go Noodle House is Superior Soup, which is contained a small amount of huadiao wine and you will fall in love with the soup until the last drop! Also, you must try their bursting meal balls; when punctured, the meat balls release their juicy payload that was trapped inside.

As for snacks, you can try their Trio Platter which is provided three delicacies at a discount price. Pork Gold Coins are really addictive thanks to their honey-sweet appeal. Meanwhile, Pork Rolls are best eaten while warm and lastly, Crispy Fu Chok are features irresistible crispiness without being too oily.


5. Chia Foo Restaurant

If you are same with me who miss morning Dim Sum during week days but due to the working hours. No worries! The new Chia Foo Restaurant at Bayan Point is a great place for lunch in which you can have both Dim Sum and egg noodle or rice set at the same time. Wow, sounds great right?

Yes, it is a Dim Sum restaurant but also having rice or noodle lunch set as well. So, if you are craving for dim sum in the afternoon or evening, Chia Foo is a place to consider.


6. US Pizza Summerton

They are using 100% genuine low-fat mixed of their mozzarella cheese in the pizza and the meat toppings are produced from the top quality inspected cuts of imported meat. Also, their vegetable toppings are produced according to their exact standards.

And yeah! Cheese lover must try their cheese boat!! Go and challenge how high you can pull! Do not forget to try their Signature Musang King Pizza too!


7. Hou Mei Wo Steamboat

Special Pork Bone Soup is the restaurant’s specialty. Stewed with pork bones for more than 8 straight hours, the soup is rich in meaty sweetness beyond measure. Other than that, Salted Vegetable Soup is recommended for customers who want to avoid “heatiness”. The soup is made from salted vegetables, soft tofu, tomato and scallion. Of course, those who love to challenge can try the Si Chuan Spicy Soup.

For raw steamboat ingredients, 4 Slices Platter allows customers to enjoy different types of meat especially if they are indecisive. The meats are Australian striploin slices, New Zealand lamb slices, pork slices and chicken slices.

You must also try their Hou Mei Pork Paste. Before cooking, mix the pork and raw egg completely. Then, scoop bite-size pieces into the steamboat pot. You will fall in love to the taste with the soup!


8. Restaurant Lye Lee

Lye Lee Restaurant is a restaurant that offers varieties of Chinese and Cantonese noodle cuisines and perhaps among the best ones in Bayan Lepas.

The restaurant is famous for its varieties of noodles ranging from Tomyam Noodle to Kuey Teow Soup. However, the spotlight is shed on the famous Pork Innards Noodle dish that seem to be the number one best-selling in the house

Aside from noodle dishes, porridge also one of the must-try food at here such as Lye Lee Pork Innards Porridge that stands as a Teochew cooking style with bits of pork innards and cuts of meat balls.

If you don’t like to have fast food or western cuisine, then you should come to give it a try if you are nearby!