Ever wake up with a flat stomach in the morning, only to bloat out like a hot air balloon right after you eat breakfast without understanding why? If you’re suffering through each day feeling tired, cramped and heavy, you may be interested to know that certain foods can cause bloating. Bloating is the result of gas or fluid accumulating in your GI tract, or when bacteria in your large intestine having a hard time breaking down certain foods.


Kale, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage, causes bloating when eaten in their raw form. This is because they’re extremely high in fiber, which can be difficult for your body to break down sometimes. Try steaming them first to help soften their tough fiber and make them easier to digest. You can also increase their digestibility by blending them into a soup. Or you can also replace these veggies with romaine lettuce or watercress for an easy digestion.

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The carbonation in fizzy drinks such as soda, and coke create air in the intestinal tract, which will cause bloating. Rather than opting for bubbles, try replacing fizzy drinks with a refreshing green or fruit juice or plain water! Make your own healthy drink to get rid of bloating, by infusing lemongrass, ginger, apple cider vinegar with coconut water and drink it!

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Even when eaten in small amounts, onions have also been linked to other digestive symptoms, such as acid reflux and indigestion. Cooking onions slightly may help reduce digestive symptoms for some people. You may not want to leave the flavour of onions out of your diet entirely. You can try cooking with onion infused oils, such as extra virgin olive oil, which is less likely to produce digestive symptoms.

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Grains such as oats, rice and wheat aren’t permitted on a Paleo diet. Grains also happen to be a high fiber, which can cause or worsen existing digestive symptoms. Quinoa can be a substitute for grains because it’s closely related to the seed family. With a fluffy texture and nutty flavor, quinoa can replace rice or oats.

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Dairy is difficult to digest. It is linked to bloating because it’s high in lactose, which is a milk sugar. In order to digest lactose our bodies require the digestive enzyme, lactase. Unfortunately many of us stop producing a sufficient amount of lactase beyond the ages of breastfeeding, which makes it hard sometimes to digest the milk sugar in dairy. Coconut milk and nut milks such as almond milk, cashew milk are excellent alternatives to dairy and they are also higher in essential vitamins and minerals.

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