Dengue fever is a tropical disease characterized by mosquito bites and the dengue virus. The breed of mosquito called Aedesaegypti which survives only in tropical and sub-tropical areas throughout the year, facilitates transmit of the virus. These mosquitoes are said to be prevalent a lot more during the day than at night and hence the chances of being bitten by this mosquito are high during the day! Dengue spreads when an affected (dengue) individual is bitten by a mosquito and that mosquito bites another individual.

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Most mosquitoes ‘hang around’ close to the ground so your feet and legs dangling under the table are an easy target and out of sight. You won’t hear them buzzing under there that easily if your surrounding is noisy. If you’re heading out to dinner take some repellent for your legs, the lower on the legs, the more likely you are to be bitten there. And just because you’re staying on a high apartment and think you’re high above the scourge of the mosquitoes, you’re not safe and plenty of mosquitoes will find their way to find you!


If you smell nice, a hint of perfume or after-shave here or there, the mosquitoes will be attracted too. Probably not your intended target. That scented soap you use is likely a sweet smell for the relentless mosquito’s tracking system. When they’re not biting you they’re usually attracted to flowers! Bland is better if you want to avoid mosquitoes. Buy unscented deodorant too.

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Mosquitoes will get attracted to dark coloured clothings like black, dark blue and etc. Light colours like white and beige are less attractive to mosquitoes (because you can easily see them when they are on your light clothes).


If you’ve been out all day, walking in the park, trekking the hills or doing anyting that makes you sweat, you will obviously be sweaty and salty for the mosquitoes. They like it dirty! Have a shower at least twice a day, keep yourself clean always before going out again or even when you are at home.


Mosquitoes are attracted to light so if the lights are off outside and on inside, the mosquitoes will be headed towards the light, means inside your house! Not only mosquitoes, just about any bug is going to be attracted to light. If you want to get the mosquitoes and bugs outside again, turn on a light outside and the lights off inside and open the doors. They’ll head out towards the light.

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