For many Malaysians, it’s a case of ‘so many places to go, so little time and money’. Does that mean we should just stay at home? You really want to travel and see the world without breaking the bank? Clearly, the easiest way is to go to cheap countries. The ones listed here are all among the cheapest places to travel, offering not just great value but also some of the world’s greatest sights and experiences.


The further away you get away from the most commercialised beaches, the better it gets. You can easily find some of the best value accomodation anywhere. Whether you are looking for a dorm or a comfy hotel.

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Take a wander down a small street and discover the street food for the cheapest price. This also goes for purchasing your own market products and fruits, to save money never buy on the sides of main streets. For saving money on taxis choose to get in a sharing tuk-tuk. Never leave without trying Mango sticky rice and Green curry!

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Favourite destination for the young and budget conscious. Eating local food on the street or buying food from the market can cost less. While health codes are non-existent, look for the cleanest stall, eat food that is hot and prepared in front of you. Give a try on their national dish, minced meat salad.

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When you are in a city, rent bike or motorcycle to save money. If you are going a long distance, local buses are cheaper than VIP buses. If you want to save on accomodation you can get into night buses that looks luxury yet reasonable. Booking it directly from the bus station is cheaper than booking through a tour company.

Surrounded by mountains, rivers, caves and rice fields. Yes, don’t forget to visit Vang Vieng!


Take a bus to Tonle Sap Lake, largest freshwater reserve in Southeast Asia. Feast your eyes upon, a UNESCO World Heritage site (world-famous Angkor Wat, a religious monument and the largest of its kind in the world). These historical and natural wonders comes free of charge, the area is filled with so many street food, all low in price. Fish amok is the signature dish here.

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Many guesthouses offers private rooms for reasonable price. For those with higher budget, travelling as a couple and willing to share a room, there are many affordable boutique hotels. Booking in person is cheaper than reserving through the internet, especially when trying to negotiate deals for longer stays. And the most budget-friendly way to move around is to hire a tuk-tuk or rent a bike.


Take train to see the scenic treasure of Vietnam. A postcard-perfect place with fresh air, green pastures, valleys, mountains and bamboo forests. Go for a trekking tour amidst the rice fields, waterfalls and villages for a refreshing, satisfying and budget-friendly vacation. Their best known Hoan Kiem Lake is in the centre of town. Go motorbiking through Vietnam and camping inside the world’s biggest cave, Han Son Doong.

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Hotels here are cheaper, book in advance and keep an eye out for deals. Pho (Noodle Soup) is Vietnam’s most common street food, found day through to night, locals hunker down on tiny plastic chairs and tables.

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If you’re a city person, you should visit Sri Lanka. Cities full of cultures and colours, light in the pocket but heavy on enjoyment. Visit the 120-years old Gangaramaya Temple, one of the country’s most historically religious sites (where few Buddhist scholars studied).

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For an affordable meal with a great view of tea plantation, you can eat massive meal of rice with a combination of curries and veges for a fixed price. You can request extra rice for free! Don’t miss their famous Ceylon Tea.

Don’t get into their three-wheelers or taxis. Consider bus or train. Accommodation here might be a bit expensive compared to other countries above because of the huge VAT tax along with other government taxes. A great way to save a lot of money is couchsurfing and homestays.