A recent study out of the University of Georgia found that some people who take one to three weeks vacation put on nearly 2 kgs during their trip, while others gain as much as 4 kgs! By following these tips, the only thing you will have to worry about packing is your bags, not any extra flab.


Few people want to hold back at every meal on vacation. Instead, try to set the tone for the rest of the day by practicing a little bit of mindful eating and control during your first dish. Typically lunch and dinner tend to be the wildcards on vacation and more indulgent. If breakfast or brunch is likely to be a decadent one, eat something beforehand. Enjoy a plate of fruits before you go to brunch. It will help to take the edge off of your hunger so you can order smartly (small portion).



If you’re going on an all-day out and didn’t bring snacks, you’ll likely be ravenous by your next meal. Or, if there aren’t any healthy options available, you may end up choosing food you normally wouldn’t eat. Remember, plan, pack, protein. Plan ahead, pack portable snacks, and be sure your pick has protein. Pick dried fruit and nuts and pair it with yogurt and cheese stick. The protein element keeps hunger low until your next meal (unlike a carb only snack that doesn’t have filling power), while the fruit and nuts packs fiber and other key nutrients.


A trip to the nearest supermarket is one of the first stops on any vacations right? Go to the grocery store and load up on things to either make snack meals on your own. Stock up on fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal for a light breakfast. As well as plain popcorn, nut butter packets, and healthy crackers to have smart snack options on hand at all times.


It’s tempting to pile a plate at the buffet with desserts, seafood, scrambled eggs, and a chocolate-filled croissant on the side. But you could easily pack in a day’s worth of calories if you’re not careful. Buffets make it far too easy to overdo portion sizes and eat past the point of fullness. It’s just not worth it, especially if it zaps your energy for the whole day on vacation. If you feel it doesn’t mind, you can still go for the buffet but choose less oily and healthier food. Eat slow to speed up digestion!



Whether it’s walking to dinner, jogging to a museum, or taking a break from reading on the beach, move as much as you can even if it means taking a bit of a detour. Plan extra fun activity into your itinerary so you can have extra delights at your destinations to fully enjoy your travel experience.