Post-workout recovery is an essential segment of any fitness routine. Post-exercise recovery period is just as important as actually doing the work itself, no matter if you’re focusing on your arms, lower body, or working on that six-pack. Often when you want to get out of the gym, you just grab the keys and water bottle and walk to the parking lot to get back home. That’s wrong! People who do certain measures like cool down exercises and stretching after workouts experience less muscle soreness, and are ready to hit the weights again in a shorter amount of time.


As soon as you drop the dumbbell on your last set or finish your last mile on the treadmill, you don’t stop completely, you need to cool down. There are few ways to bring your heart rate down back to normal. Engage in some yoga but many people would jog lightly or walk. Up to you, just make sure you’re taking 10 or 15 minutes to properly bring your workout to a close.

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Going right from the cool down phase and into stretching is often advised by many trainers. If you don’t feel like hopping on the treadmill for 10 minutes (perhaps you just hopped off the treadmill), a targeted stretching your legs and hands may be just what you need. Stretching will help you build flexibility and mobility, which is important for your workouts and your everyday life.


This one is pretty obvious, but some people seem reluctant to do it. Just drink water! Rehydration may be the most important element of any post-workout routine and you’re sure you are not going to recover if you’re dehydrated. After sweating out a ton of your body’s resources and water reserves, your body simply needs to be replenished. So bring a water bottle and make sure you’re downing enough to stay hydrated.

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It’s literally never been easier to track your fitness routine and diet regimen. There are a ton of apps on phones. Or if you prefer, you can still stick to pen and paper or Google Docs. The key here is to just make sure you know what exercises you’re doing and to track your improvement. If you’re not adding more weight to your routine, or running for longer periods of time, you’ll be able to make the proper adjustments. But be sure to do it while you’re still at the gym, as you might forget later.


One of the most popular post-workout food is the protein shake. Lots of experts recommend getting a solid dose of protein soon after working out to help kick-off the muscle rebuilding process after they’ve been thoroughly fatigued. You can also go for certain foods, like Greek yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese to get your protein fix. The goal is to give your muscles something to “chew on” as they rebuild themselves and get bigger in preparation for your next bout in the gym.

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