Looking for exercise that will help you burn 500 calories an hour? There are a variety of workouts/exercises that will torch the calories and help you lose weight! So why the focus on 500 calories an hour you might be asking? Based on the fact that 1 pound of fat equates to around 3,500 calories, a daily workout of one hour where you burn 500 calories, should help you lose a pound a week, as long as your diet is sensible.


You would need to cycle ‘vigorously’ for the entire duration. Non-stop, full effort! Although intervals will almost certainly be required. The exercise bike or cycling is a wonderful low-impact aerobic exercise that will burn fat and get the heart rate up. And if you prefer the great outdoors, then an hour cycling on the roadside, up and down hill, will certainly do the trick.

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The faster you run, the more calories you burn. An hour of running at 8 mph will burn 980 calories. Even 5 mph (12 minute mile pace) will get rid of 580 calories. It is definitely a great idea to strap on those running shoes and hit the roadside or the treadmill. If you can incorporate interval training within your hour workout, then even better, as this will help you burn more fat and calories.


You could have a go at either resistance training, where you can use your body weight in exercises like plank or sit ups, or try lifting weights in the gym and watch the calories rack up. But the real beauty of weight-training lies not only in the calories you burn at the time (around 10 calories a minute when you’re lifting upwards of 11 kg), but in the calories you continue to burn after you finish your session, which will really help you fight the flab. Why does this happen? Heaving weights around requires a lot of effort and so your body springs into repair mode when you finish, pumping huge amounts of oxygen to tired muscles. That requires energy, which burns calories while you are on the sofa recovering from your session.

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Dancing is a brilliant way of dropping a few pounds. Some high impact dance is ideal for hitting the 500-calorie mark, such as Zumba. This form of dance are fantastic full body workouts. The beauty of dance is that it will also burn fat, build muscle and get your heart rate up. And because you don’t necessarily have to go to a gym to do it!


This requires an hour of intense, focused swimming, but if you do it properly, the calories will disappear. It’s low impact, so great for the more injury prone among you. But using the full array of muscles in your body means you will burn fat and calories. If you can inject some speed intervals, mixed with steady swimming, then the results will be impressive.

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