One negative effect of poor eating over the course of time is a broken metabolism, Metabolism dysfunction may present as weight gain, high blood pressure, cholesterol, less energy, food cravings, and trouble sleeping. Well luckily there are ways to detox your body in just 24 hours!


Eat only fruits and veggies for 2 or 3 days straight! Consume only fresh fruits and veggies instead of heavy meals. This would for sure give your digestive system a much needed break and help in adequate rejuvenation. You shall be pleased to see the effects of a fruit and veggie fast as it shall not only make you feel light but would provide ample rest to your gut. Easy to go toilet too!


Start your day by waking up with a glass of warm or cold lemon water. The pectin from the lemon aids in digestion, helping to make lemon a phenomenal detoxifying food. Water with lemon also helps curb your appetite. Flushing toxins and energizing your digestive tract sounds like a great way to start the day, right? The bonus is the lemon bobbing in your cup, which reminds your brain, “Hey, I’m making healthy choice today!

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If you have to detoxify your body then there is nothing better than water. Water is not just essential for survival but is equally important for removal of unwanted toxins which have occupied a huge space in your body. Make sure you consume at least 2-3 liters of water per day to see great results. Water not only removes the impurities efficiently but helps in weight loss, skin issues and boosts ones energy levels to optimum. Alternatively you can throw in some orange and mint leaves or strawberries and mint leaves in order to prepare some detox water. Its not only tasty but extremely healthy too.


Exercising is a way of saying yes to a healthy body. When you exercise there is immense sweating and sweating means by which the skin eliminates toxins. The skin is capable of removing metals like arsenic, lead and mercury through sweat. Just like defecation and urination sweating is an effective means of detoxification. So exercising would not only help you in staying fit and healthy but would help you get rid of the unwanted toxins. One can easily perform squats, push ups and sit ups at home. So get up and get going!


Giving yourself a good night’s rest is one of the best ways to detox your body and reset. Sleep has been connected to weight loss, reduced cortisol levels, stress and improved overall health. The best part about sleep is that it takes absolutely no effort just make sure the temperature of your room is cool and give yourself a 8 or 9 hour block to snooze.

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