Mee goreng mamak is one of Penang’s traditional food that is started by the Indian Muslim community. Everywhere you go in Penang, on every street, you can always get a plate of mee goreng mamak! But here is the list of the best ones!


The existence of about 80 years justified the quality of sweet tasting Mee Goreng here. It is well known across Malaysia to the extent that one could hardly find a seating place at the coffee shop during peak hours! Slices of cuttlefishes complement the whole plate of noodles. Mee goreng here is just nice of amount and is not too filling for your stomach. The Hokkien-fluent cook frying the noodles is the main reason for lots of Chinese customers there.

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The most famous of all! A plate of spicy noodles served with a handful of squid sweet sambal on top on a silver plate, gives you a classical feeling! The special squid sambal, gives it an extraordinary scent and taste to the mee goreng. A long queue is expected especially during lunch time because this place is near to lots of banks and offices. Don’t forget to pair it with the also famous Jalil Coconut Shake!

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A plate of scrumptious Mee Goreng is prepared by Rasheed, who has more than 30 years of frying mee goreng with charcoal until now! This plate of Mee Goreng is also well known for its unique tomato sauce. The best part is that customers can make a request to suit their taste and the cook will do his best to satisfy them. Like you want your mee goreng without chilli, no problem.


Padang Brown food court serves a range of local cuisine for foodies. In between its 20 shops sits this Mee Goreng stall, which has been in business for the past 50 years. The business is run by Peer Mohamed Mohamed Ghani, 45, who took over from his father. For those who prefer a larger portion, look no further as the cook is generous with his servings. And right beside, his wife sells variety of sate! Don’t forget to try it too!


One of oldest and best known mee goreng in George Town. It was started right after World War 2! You can get colourless mee goreng only here. Less spicy and just nice. Since this is their family business, few of their siblings and grandchildren has each mee goreng shops and stall everywhere in Penang, you can nearly find 3 or 4 Mee Manja in George Town!