These days, the topic of the healthiest oils for cooking is a hot one! Everyone choosing oils wisely. And with the wealth of options we have available, there is some confusion surrounding the healthiest oils to use. But do you know that all oils have the potential to become “bad fats”, and this mostly happens when they reach their high smoke point, at which they turn into a trans-fat!


Coconut oil is more popular now than ever, with some calling it the latest health superfood that can aid in everything from boosting weight loss, to skincare, to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s. From a cooking standpoint, coconut oil. has a sweet rich nutty taste that’s ideal for baking, it also adds a tropical taste to curries and more. Buying a refined coconut oil is a good idea too because it has an even higher smoke point!

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Tasty, delicious and healthy! Many people love cooking with butter for obvious reason, flavour! But it has a relatively low smoke point at 300°F. When you remove its milk solids to create ghee, that smoke point jumps to a safe level for most cooking applications while retaining its amazing flavour. It’s lactose-free too! It contains vitamins A, E, K and is rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which may help lower body fat and decrease inflammation.

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One of the highest smoke points of all oils (about 520°), so it’s great for dishes in which you need high heat! It has a neutral flavour, and this is because it is not chemically-processed like canola oil or vegetable oil. For this reason, it is more costly than processed oils and therefore not ideal for budget cooking. But if you don’t mind, obviously go for it!

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As far as the healthiest oils for cooking go, olive oil is the universal favourite. It contains the highest quantities of monounsaturated fats among all cooking oils. But extra-virgin olive oil has an edge in that it is less processed than other olive oils, the reason it is considered a cold-pressed or unrefined oil. It also contains the most antioxidants and boasts a more flavourful and fruity aroma. But when it comes to high-temperature cooking such as deep-frying, it cannot withstand very high heat for long without burning and smoking. This oil is the best as drizzling on salad!

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Rarely known oil with lost of benefits too. With its combo of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, flaxseed is a good vegetarian alternative to oils like fish oil.

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