While you may have heard about those non-meat eaters known as vegetarians, there is an extreme sect of them called vegans or those who not only skip the meat but also avoid dairy, eggs and anything that’s derived from animals.

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Just like any other life-altering decision, going vegan overnight is not logic! If you are a carnivore with no dietary restrictions at all, try a 4 week program where you take one thing out of your diet per week. Start with red meat, the next week fish, the next week dairy and so on. If you need more than a month for each phase, then take it. If you are vegetarian, start with cheese, then milk, then honey. Don’t try to be a superhero and be patient with yourself. There’s a similar to the first two months at a new job where you need to train and be trained before you can decide if this is something you can handle for the long haul. Take your time, go at your own pace.


Yes, you do need protein, calcium and B12. Eat lentils and quinoa, the perfect vegan protein! Eat almonds and dark greens. Some cereals and non-dairy milks are fortified with B12, but you can also get berry-flavoured lozenges that taste like candy. Who doesn’t want to eat candy every morning in order to get their vitamins? Or find for supplements instead.

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No one is perfect and everyone enjoys sweets and fried foods, but you can’t have it for every meal (especially when you are trying to be a vegan). You need to be aware of what you are eating and make sure you get all of your essential vitamins. You’re going to have to actually think carefully about what you’re eating.


Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. You are paying and sometimes restaurant do listen to your request and cook you a meal. Easier way you can do is just to choose something from the menu that is vegan, a salad bowl or mushroom soup with bread can keep you full for few hours.


Being vegan doesn’t mean you only eat one thing or you only eat salads for every meal. You would be very surprised at all of the dishes you can easily “veganize” that were comfort foods from your carnivorous days. All you have to do is think of what you loved eating, take away the meat and add a grains or vegetable. Besides of course patience for dealing with the typical questions such as “Where do you get your protein?” Every vegetarian and vegan deals with the people who ask these questions differently. Vegan-ism is not supposed to attract or radiate negativity, it is supposed to eliminate suffering and spread love and if you go into it with that attitude you will only succeed.

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