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Penang is a well-known Malaysian state for its scenic beauty and its gorgeous beaches. It’s no surprise that tourists from around the world flock to Penang to enjoy its white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and tropical climate. To ensure you make the most of your beach getaway, we’ve compiled a list of the top five best beachfront hotels in Penang:

5 Best Shopping Malls in Bangkok

Bangkok, one of my favorite shopping cities in the world has a special contrast that I truly admired. Whether you want to shop cheap local designs at the local markets or those luxury brands in an air-conditioned shopping mall, Bangkok has you all covered. The shopping malls there can easily fit into all kind of lifestyles and budgets providing the best options ranging from the things you need to the


  How can you not to visit Thailand 7-Eleven when you are travelling there? It’s for sure the favorite go-to-place for everyone. Thailand 7-Eleven will never disappoint you; 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, your trustable partner for food, drinks, snacks and other travel necessary things, every things you can find at here. There are over 8,000 7-Eleven convenience stores in Thailand, of which half are in Bangkok!

Sit too long and growing bigger belly? Here are 10 Foods to Avoid If You Want Flatter Stomach!

I believe that most of the working adults especially ladies are facing the same problem: belly are growing bigger every day. This is because we all are sitting too long on the chair and lazy to exercise after work. However, every women wish to have a perfect slim body and you should take the effort to make it happen! If you really don’t like to workout, at least avoid eating

What to Eat in KL? Except For The Café & Western Cuisine, Here Are 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in KL!

  Are you craving for some Chinese cuisine? Getting bored to dine in at café or Western restaurant? Alright! Then what you are reading now is totally suitable for you because we’re going to introduce to you the 10 best Chinese restaurants in KL! Chinese cuisine, normally people are calling as Tze Char or Tai Chow. Tze Char is a dining concept that is very unique in some Asian countries,

15 Top-Rated Must Visit Hong Kong Attractions!

  The best things to do in Hong Kong are so varied it often takes more than one trip to fit them all in. From early morning hikes and temple visits, to frantic shopping raids, unique dining experiences and the excitement of theme park rides, betting at the racing track, and partying the night away in downtown. Hong Kong’s best attractions are suitable for all seasons and it’s pretty much

Do You Know? 10 Foods That Could Disappear Because of Climate Change!

  Climate change is making the world a different place. There are more floods, droughts, wildfires, heat waves and other extreme weather events. Animal species around the world are either shifting habitat locations or simply dying off. Even humans are migrating due to a warmer world. But there is one effect that will hit many of us right in the gut. Certain foods could disappear thanks to our changing climate.

5 Exercises To Fix Hunchback Posture! Just need to take your 5 minutes & you can get back your perfect body curve!

  Do you slouch in your office chair at work? Are you starting to notice rounded shoulders with your neck protruding forward? Do you stand up at 5PM and feel like your back resembles a question mark? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, you are part of a growing trend of people who experience postural problems from working in an office. Slouching all day in an office chair forces

10 kinds of Nutritious Mixed Fresh Fruit Juice! It can keep us even more hydrated, help in weight loss and even beautifying ourselves!

  Have you gotten into juicing yet? If you haven’t, you should try it! It’s a fun and tasty way to pack a ton of healthy nutrients into a drinkable treat that will make you feel great! The juice you make yourself is more nutritious, delicious, and wholesome than the juice you buy at the store or the coffee shop; because you control what goes in and, more importantly, you