Spirulina also known as phyto plankton is commonly described as a blue-green micro algae, it contains chlorophyll. It has been used for centuries throughout the world but became popular in the 90s. Spirulina may be harvested naturally or artificially grown in warm alkaline water. It is then turned into a thick paste and dried or freeze-dried. Spirulina can absorb heavy metals from the water where it is grown. It has a similar, powerful effect on the body too. When it is cultivated for commercial, dietary and medicinal purposes it is best to do so in closely monitored environments, be sure to purchase it from a trusted source!

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Closely related to other green foods Spirulina is considered to be a super food. This makes Spirulina an ideal supplement to any diet, especially those requiring special dietary support including vegetarians. Spirulina has over 26 times the calcium in milk with a high content of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), a fatty acid found in breast milk essential for helping babies grow strong.


Spirulina delivers powerful concentrations of beneficial vitamins, minerals and proteins that naturally give your immune system a boost. It also has an incredibly high content of antioxidants to fight free radicals.

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The amino acids in Spirulina can transform into digestive enzymes that help break down protein and carbohydrates in your food! This is especially important for individuals who are on a high protein diet as well as those who want to combat the high carb western diet. Spirulina supports healthy levels of lactobacillus in the intestines which inhibit the growth of some harmful bacteria.


Since Spirulina is about 70% protein, it can help build lean muscle mass while curbing hunger that may result from heavy exercise. It is high in fiber, an important aspect of a healthy diet and weight management. Spirulina can increase energy levels, fueling your motivation to exercise too!


Spirulina can keep your skin beautiful and glowing. It supports metabolism throughout your body, including your skin so toxins don’t build up, just leaving it detoxified, hydrated and supple.

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