As Malaysia moves forwards to become a fully industrialized nation, urban areas are becoming more and more congested. With that, having hectic work schedules are normal and it makes home-cooked meals a rare weekday luxury! Right? This has given rise to food delivery services, which is a fast booming business that caters to busy and tired people who just wants to dine at home or at work place. Having meals delivered to your doorstep definitely saves your time and hassle of cooking or eating out.


Food Panda is the mother of all food delivery services in Malaysia. They are also the largest online food delivery service in Malaysia with over 800 partnering outlets and operates in 6 Malaysian cities including Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. As such, the choices of food makes them great for any meals including breakfast from day to night, for any typical student, families or even seniors as there are bound to be something for everyone.

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Known as the current most famous food delivery service! Grab Food uses its network of transport and logistics to make sure your food arrives in no time at all. In terms of choices, it gets greater every day with a large number of food vendors you can choose from. Grab Food also offers many special, festive promotional codes as well as utilises its Grab Rewards Food Stamps for even greater deals.

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If there’s one thing that dahmakan is known for, it’s their home-cooked style food that’s made by professional chefs! Serving you both lunch and dinner, you can choose from their menu which offers cuisines from local to western. Ingredients are also fresh and locally sourced, so you’re paying quite a handsome fee for quality thanks to the no-delivery charge in most Klang Valley areas. You can get further discounts and benefits with their membership options. They offers flexible payment schemes like PAYPAL besides credit cards.

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One of the trusted food delivery in KL and Penang. Most favourite restaurants like Kyochon, Tealive, Nandos and more can be delivered to your doorstep. Feeling a little more health-conscious? They also offers health based and vegetarian cuisines outlets for you. Just like other food delivery service they offer discounts too if you are using their app for the first time!

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From 6 different cuisines, Malay, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Vegetarian, and Malaysian favourites. Mammam offers everything local from tomyam to chicken rice, nasi lemak, sambal petai, rendang and more. If you’re looking for a delicious local lunch without the fuss of going out to buy, Mammam is a great. The best thing about this service is that there is no minimum order and delivery is free. You can order in advance and pick a delivery time as well. Yuu also get a complimentary bottle of water to go with your meal.

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