Tips to survive overnight in airport is one of the most difficult thing for a long haul travellers. This normally occurs for a number of reasons and occasionally due to flight delays, personal choice, budget or failure to meet an airlines policy for free overnight hotel stay. Often travellers will choose to remain at the airport if it is for few hours. There are also some airlines that only provide free hotel if the layover is 8 hours or more.


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The International Terminal at any airport is always the best place to be. It has the best restaurant selection, duty-free stores (go for some window shopping to get free high end perfume samples) and of course international terminal has the comfiest seats. There are usually free charging stations, chargers, TVs for you to watch some cool advertisements, and plenty of seats. Get your phone charged, recline across a few chairs and get ready to wait out the night.


Taking advantage of free WI-FI in the airport is a great time killer, but using WI-FI also drains phone batteries fast. And if you forgot your phone charger and powerbank, don’t panic. The best part about traveling is that everybody is in the same boat. If there’s nowhere around to buy an extra charger from, there will always be somebody at your gate or the next gate over with a charger you can use, as long as you’re ready for some polite conversation.

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Get in the habit of putting few of your make up things and toiletries in your hand carry bag because you will never know when you will have to sleep in the airport or if the airline will lose or damage your things in your luggage bag. Just make sure that liquid things are not more than 100 ml and follow the airport guidelines.


Do you in need of some exercises, are you seriously bored or you are not tired enough to fall asleep? You can walk around the airport for hours if you feel like doing so! While it might not be a high-intensity cardio workout, walking from terminal to terminal for as long as your heart desires is enough to justify a workout for the day. Especially if you’re carrying your overstuffed bag or backpack. If you want to burn even more calories, look for stairs and go up and down for 10 to 40 minutes.


Go out! Get some fresh air. If you are first time in a new country for a transit between next flight, why not go out and explore some places near airport. Look for some interesting sights, why not turn your layover into an impromptu city visit? The worst thing that could happen is, you could miss your flight, so stay mindful of your boarding time. Don’t go anywhere far!