Bangkok, one of my favorite shopping cities in the world has a special contrast that I truly admired. Whether you want to shop cheap local designs at the local markets or those luxury brands in an air-conditioned shopping mall, Bangkok has you all covered. The shopping malls there can easily fit into all kind of lifestyles and budgets providing the best options ranging from the things you need to the must-haves.

Here are the five best shopping malls in Bangkok you would love.


1. Siam Paragon


Siam Paragon, the pride of Thailand shopping malls, housing a large group of international well-known fashion brands, the biggest aquarium in Southeast’s Asia, a 16-screen Cineplex, and a comprehensive selection of food from all over the world. Each floor of the Paragon Department Store has its specialty, vary from fashion wear, shoes, sports, furniture, food and a lot more; from luxury to affordable, all under one roof. A very high-end shopping mall, I would say.  If you are looking for some extraordinary kind of shopping experience then Siam Paragon is definitely the place you should go. It’s like when you need a break from your shopping spree, have a slow walk by the aquarium. Umm… so relaxing…


2. Central World


Not forgetting about the largest shopping mall in Thailand, the Central World. It is a less luxury and a middle-class mall compared to Siam Paragon, but it is large enough for you to get lost. Occupying around 830,000 square meters of area space, it fits in a well-rounded collection of shops, from branded fashion brands, high-tech gadgets, bookstores, customized furniture, imported groceries, banks, salons, gourmet eateries to a huge open ice-skating rink. If you plan to visit only one shopping mall in Bangkok, this is where I would recommend you to.


3. Siam Center


If you’re a fashion-lover, this is your paradise. Strategically located next to Siam BTS, and linked by a covered walkway to Siam Paragon Mall. Though Siam Center is not as big as Paragon and Central World, it consists of many shops and trendy boutiques for you to choose from. Siam Center is unique in that it is truly a fusion of Western-meets-Thai style and also a mash-up of human, nature, and technology. You will be amazed by the carved wooden horses greeting visitors at the entrance and the augmented reality dress-up screen displaying how the clothes will look on you without entering a changing room. Besides, the high-end food court in Siam Center has almost everything to feed your hunger and inevitable shopping spree.


4. Terminal 21


So after all the high-class mall, middle-class mall, and high-tech mall, let’s talk about a ‘something different mall’. Terminal 21, a mall that makes your ‘travel around the world’ dream comes true by designing each floor as a city. Terminal 21 has 9 floors consisting more than 600 shops, a wide range of nice restaurants and cafes, gym, and a cinema on the top floor. Traveling to different cities just by taking the escalator, from Paris to Rome then to Tokyo, isn’t it cool? The floor signs that signal the arrivals in particular cities, a crisscrossing network of escalators, electronic display boards that display the flight information and the receptionists in air hostesses’ uniform serving at the information desk; these are all of the unique shopping experiences you can get at Terminal 21.


5. MBK

Let’s get back to the local, MBK, originally called Mahbookkrong, a famous shopping mall where most of the tourists hang out. It is a huge center packed with small shops, mostly Thai brands and local designs, in other words, nothing much of interest. But it is still a must-go for backpackers and travelers as it is a great place for them to grab some affordable Thai souvenirs and cheap luggage before heading back to their country. Or if you are just looking for some entertainment, go up to the 7th floor, you can go bowling or sing karaoke to relax and avoid the crazy shopping crowd.


Hope you guys enjoy reading it!