One of best ways to be healthy  is to start walking, hiking and exercising. If you are not a gym person, hiking is the solution for you! Malaysia is a country that is not only famous for its innumerable tourist attractions but also offers the visitors as well as the local residents plenty of opportunities to return to nature with lots of outdoor activities that comes with magnificent views.


Gasing Forest Park has various levels of hiking trails which are frequently visited by residents in that area. Although there are no signboards, 6 different routes will take you to either a Hindu temple or the watchtower. You can see a wonderful view at the top of the hill. The hiking trail is steep but there are a lot of marking points left by other hikers. You can take a break as benches are provided in between the trails!

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The hills provide hikers to be amazed with scenic views of township in Semenyih. There are three peaks to hike at Broga Hill. The first and second peaks are suitable places for you to see sunrise. Walk past the oil palm estate and forest, with two trails that will lead you to climb the steep hill. The third peak is the most challenging as you have to climb across huge rocks. Challenge yourself to reach Tok Wan Mountain and admire the flora and fauna.

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Skip the fancy railway train and climb your way up to the top of Penang Hill from the Botanical Garden. There are two routes to take, the road used by locals driving up the hill and the path that starts from inside the garden. Hiking along these steep trails takes about 2 to 3 hours to reach to Penang Hill. You might see some wildlife hanging around at the trees. and you will reach Penang Hill when you see the entrance of ‘The Habitat’.

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Hiking in Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysia, is one of the toughest trails to go through but satisfying once you reach the top. It takes 2 days and 1 night to hike to Mount Kinabalu! Yes! Be physically and mentally prepared to climb to the summit. Having a local mountain guide is a must as you will be given advice and support throughout your hiking journey. You will be amazed with various flora and fauna in different altitudes of hiking trails. Don’t forget your food and drinks!

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There are 14 hiking trails, ranging from easy to hard, that surround Tanah Rata and Brinchang, cities of Cameron Highlands. Each trail offers different views including the Mossy Forest, a luscious green forest where you can hike through to enjoy the scenic views of Perak and Pahang. You can stop to visit a strawberry farm and tea plantations, a delightful treat to enjoy before continuing your journey. Keep an eye out for various flora and fauna while enjoying nature’s fresh air. But, most of the trails are closed during monsoon season.

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