It is a universal thing that Asian people are naturally smaller than the rest part of the world. In a region where rice is a must food and eaten three times a day, one would consider it unfair that Asians can easily maintain their slim figure throughout their old age. It is a common belief that Asians in general are genetically gifted being able to stay slim. Jealous? Don’t be, this popular belief is just a myth! Your genetics or ethnicity will not keep you from being fat. Your choice of food and lifestyle does. Vietnamese people are slim not because they are Asians and born that way. They are because of how they live their lives. They simply don’t get fat, they don’t age!


Contrary to popular belief, rice is not bad for you! Vietnamese in general consume rice on a regular basis but hardly any wheat or other grains. There is a difference. It is the over consumption of wheat and gluten that causes obesity. Vietnamese food is more or less gluten-free as most dishes are made with rice noodle, rice paper and rice flour instead of wheat.

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The Vietnamese are early risers and they exercise not for vanity but out of habit. It is such a pleasant sight to see people of all ages rise up early in the morning to exercise in the parks even kids! It is especially rewarding to see older people up and about and engaged in some sort of activities around lakes and parks.

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They like home cooked meals. Their food is loaded with healthy and fresh ingredients without any preservatives. They cook their own meals because buying outside is expensive. Mostly their food are soupy. Authentic Vietnamese broth that is used in Pho noodle soups takes at least ten hours to prepare.


While some countries prefer their women at home or working in the office (indoor), Vietnamese women work outdoors and do physical labour just like men. It is no wonder why they remain strong and active even as they get older.

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Instead of the usual brownies and ice cream for desserts they like to munch on tropical fruits like papaya, pineapple, jackfruit and longan. Around in Vietnam town, they sell fruits already sliced and peeled for convenience.