Fungal nail infections, cracked heels, and ingrown nails are among the most common foot problems the majority of people face. Fortunately, many foot issues can be successfully treated at home with the help of natural remedies.

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Apple cider vinegar make it a perfect remedy for toenail fungus. There are a variety of methods to use apple cider for fungus treatment. For example, mix equal amounts of apple cider and water and prepare a DIY antifungal soak. Keep your feet in this solution for up to 30 minutes (depending on how your skin responds to the treatment) and pat dry with a towel. Apply a few drops of lavender essential oil onto affected toenails every night and let it soak while you sleep. You can put on socks to prevent the essential oil from rubbing off. Continue the treatment for a few weeks until the fungus is gone.


What could be better than a soothing, relaxing, and nourishing foot mask after a long day? Try this DIY mask made of pumpkin puree, cinnamon, and yogurt. The skin around the heels is usually thicker and dryer than the rest of our skin and we need to soak our feet properly in warm, soapy water to get rid of the cracks. Apply a liquid bandage sold in drug stores to seal the cracks and prevent further cracking and infections. Use honey as a scrub or apply it as a foot mask. Heel cracks are often not serious and can be treated at home. However, there are cases when these cracks can be caused by medical conditions. If you suffer from severe heel cracks, you should visit doctor.


A good foot massage will help you get rid of pain and fatigue and make your feet look gorgeous. If you feel pain in your feet, sit in a chair, take a golf or tennis ball and rub it from heel to toe taking more time to rub the painful areas. Follow these steps to make a stress relieving foot massage and don’t forget to moisturize your feet afterward.


Ingrown toenails may be caused by traumas, ill-fitting footwear, improper trimming, and other issues. In order to prevent this problem, make sure you don’t cut your nails too short or unevenly at the corners. And choose shoes and socks that fit perfectly, you should be able to freely move your toes.


High heels, uncomfortable shoes or standing for a long time can make your feet ache. There are a lots of ways to soothe your aching feet at home, including soaking your aching feet in a basin of warm water with salt. Another way to reduce the stress your feet suffer during the day is to take contrast showers. Hold your feet under running water and alternate one minute of hot water and one minute of cold water, repeating the cycle for several times and ending it with cold water.