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8 Best Long Weekend Gateways in Malaysia

These days, instead of going to a café to eat, drink and chat with friends, you can also go to a quiet and refreshing place during your weekend. After a week of waking up early in the morning, facing a lot of tasks and beating the deadlines, you truly deserve a relaxing vacation. And yeah! We are so lucky that we are never lack of long weekends in Malaysia! So,

Travel Lover Must Read! Learn This Tip To Save On Your Hotel & Flight Ticket!

While there’s no perfect age to get up and go, there is something special about hitting the road and experiencing some of the world’s most incredible adventures in your twenties. Go while you’re young, single and without too much responsibility. But, of course travel need to spend some amount of money: the meal, the hotel, the transportation, shopping and more. Everyone love to go for travel but we are not

George Town Festival 2017: The Top 10 Best Programmes This Year

1. The Manganiyar Classrom The Manganiyar Classroom features 35 students as young as eight, and they relive tales and folk songs of the Manganiyar community. Watching the children’s buoyant performance will get the audiences reminiscing about their schooling days. Date & Time: 5 – 6 August 2017 (8.30pm – 9.30pm) Venue: Dewan Sri Pinang Ticket from RM25, RM65, RM85, RM125   2. A Simple Space   Seven acrobats push their