Hand tremors is shaky hands, that can occur for a variety of reasons. Parkinson’s disease, hypoglycemia, multiple sclerosis, hyperthyroidism, fatigue and stress can all lead to hand tremors. These symptoms often occur while your hand is at rest or if your hand is held in a certain position for an extended period of time. Hand tremors can be inconvenient and make your daily tasks much more difficult, even drinking a cup of coffee is hard!

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Before beginning exercises for hand tremors, your condition should be diagnosed by a doctor or specialist. Treatment for an underlying condition, such as medication, may help lessen or completely stop your hand tremors. Your doctor may also prescribe occupational or physical therapy to help you cope with your hand tremors.


Improving grip strength can help reduce tremors. Use a small rubber ball to strengthen the hand affected by tremors. Hold the ball on the palm of your hand and squeeze for few seconds. Relax and repeat many times. Strengthen your hand and wrist by using a lightweight dumbbell. Use a dumbbell that’s 0.5 or 1 kg in weight. Position your hand and wrist palm side over the edge of a table. Place the weight in your hand. Slowly move your wrist up and down.


Participate in regular physical activity. Regular exercise can help lower stress levels, decrease your risk of disease and improve your overall health. You should aim for 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per day! Even if you cannot reach this target, significant health improvements can occur by increasing your activity level.

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Bearing weight through your hands can temporarily reduce tremors and help strengthen your upper extremities. Perform body weight resistance exercises, such as planks and push ups, as part of a regular exercise routine!


Hand tremors can be reduced through the use of adaptive equipment and tools, making everyday tasks easier. Increasing the weight and diameter of eating utensils and writing tools reduces tremors! Wearing wrist weights for hand tremors can also improve your function. If using weighted tools is not effective, adaptive equipment is available to make it easier. Elastic shoe laces eliminate the need for tying. Long handled combs can be used to groom your hair while keeping your elbow tucked against your side.