A high resting heart rate or a heart rate of more than 100 beats per minute means your heart is working extra hard to pump blood through your body. And that extra effort could result in a wide range of negative effects on overall health. Normal resting heart rate is anywhere between 60 and 100 beats per minute. Certain aspects of someone’s resting heart rate are connected to factors like age and genetics, however there are certain actions that be taken to help decrease heart rate and improve overall well being for those whose resting heart rate is above normal.

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The warmer the temperature, the faster your heart beats. This is because heart is working quick to pump blood to the surface of your skin, produce sweat and cool off the body. Keep an umbrella when you go out all the time, choose an indoor table at the restaurant you’re dining at and remember to stay well hydrated.


Exercise is great for your health for many reasons. What you’re actually doing every time you’re working out is training your heart to be stronger and more efficient at pumping blood. Then when you’re in rest mode, your heart is more easily able to maintain a normal heart rate.

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Maintaining a healthy diet is beneficial. Incorporating more fish has been associated with lower resting heart rates. You don’t enjoy eating fish? Consider taking fish oil supplements, which may have positive effects on heart rate as well.


The higher our stress level, the higher our heart rates. A quick and simple way to begin to de-stress is to disconnect from your handphone and other electronic devices. Do something that will make you happy and feel calm. Another simple tip is to practice mediation.


When your body consumes nicotine, your veins and arteries constrict and your heart has to then put in that extra work to pump blood. If you’re a smoker, the good news is quitting can decrease your resting heart rate within just 24 hours! So the sooner you can say no to the cigarettes, the sooner you’ll begin to see results.

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