Eye pain can have a variety of causes. It is typically divided into conditions that affect the cornea, conditions that affect of other parts of the eye and conditions involving other areas of the body that cause pain to be felt in the eye area. Common causes of eye pain typically center around particular parts of the eye. These include the cornea, the white of the eye and a thin layer that covers it but the muscles that control the eye, the nerves and the eyelids can also be sources of eye pain.


Problem with cornea is the most common cause of eye pain. The cornea is the outermost layer of the eye. It has a clear surface that covers the front of the eye. People who have corneal disease or damage may experience pain, tearing and a decrease in the sharpness of their vision. Corneal disease or other eye disorders can only be diagnosed after a thorough eye examination.

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Might be caused by particles from wind, small insects, contact lenses or makeup applicators. Once the foreign objects are removed, they may leave minor scratches on the cornea. The surface cells of the eye grow back rapidly, so most scratches usually heal within 2 to 4 days. A medical evaluation can determine if the cornea is scratched and treatment with antibiotics eye drops can prevent an infection.


Occurs when an imbalance in production and drainage of fluid in the eye causes pressure in the eye to increase to unhealthy levels. Eye redness, discomfort, blurred vision or headaches, but loss of vision due to glaucoma might occur slowly! Vision loss is permanent so early detection is the key. Those at high risk for glaucoma should have a comprehensive eye exam every 1 to 2 years.

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Refers to inflammation located anywhere in the pigmented lining of the eye. The area can become inflamed due to infection or injury. Uveitis can be diagnosed during a physical examination. It can cause permanent damage to the eye, so the disorder should be treated as early as possible.

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Is an eye infection caused by organisms that have entered the eye through a surgery or an injury to the eyeball. Typically this infection occur due to bacteria, fungi or protozoa. In some cases, the infection has traveled through the blood to the eye though this method of infection is less common to happen to anyone.