Moon cake is a kind of high calorie pastry with a high price per piece, is a popular festival food in China for Mid-Autumn Festival. Over the years, moon cake bakers have developed many different flavours as well as incorporated new ways to serve the moon cake (salty or sweet). Moon cakes that were originally baked now can be served frozen and through various other methods.


Wuren (chinese name) literally means five kinds of nuts or kernels such as walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, melon seeds and red beans. This is a typical and popular flavour in China. Though young people don’t prefer it much, Mixed nuts moon cake is much welcomed by the old generation.


Sweet red bean moon cake has always been a classic type, that many people prefer. Through careful production, the combination of sweet bean paste and the outer skin makes the moon cake smooth and rich in flavour, which makes it the most popular simple flavour.


The lotus flavour is the representative of the Cantonese style moon cake. The filling is white lotus paste, which is made of the fresh lotus seeds with a natural nice fragrance. Since the high amount of sugar that is added and calories are also high in lotus paste, it is not recommended for the elderly and diabetic patients.


As it implied in the name, the filling of this moon cake is the solid one salted egg yolk. The unique taste makes this moon cake popular because of the salty-rich taste. The fresh lotus seeds paste or red bean paste are the most common combinations for the fillings with egg yolks.


Snow skin is the new moon cake flavour in recent years. It is small in size, and the skin is crystal clear made of glutinous rice flour without adding any colouring. Different from other moon cakes, this one, it needs to be stored in the refrigerator to keep it for sometime.


A japanese influenced flavour! The biggest feature of green tea moon cake is the fresh natural bitter-sweet taste. Green tea powder is added into the skin or the fillings. Different from other types of moon cakes, it is not overly sweet and it is a safer choice for the elderly.


Of course with the taste of fruits. The sweet but not greasy taste is loved by many people. The fillings is usually added with the fresh little chunks of fruits like strawberry, raspberry, orange, peach, and pineapple. The durian moon cake is the popular fruit flavour in recent years.


Flower moon cakes have been well received in the market in recent years because of the instagrammable looks! The fillings are added with flower buds, bringing a fragrant taste. The variety is quite rich and the most popular ones are rose and sweet-scented osmanthus.


Yam is also a new moon cake flavour. The filling is sweet purple yam paste. The mucus protein contained in the yam can improve the body’s resistance actually. So the yam moon cake is popular among those who are health conscious!


Favourite for the cheese lovers. Quite new flavour too. It is inspired from the western flavour but with tangy big chunk of cheese placed at the center.