Worried about your child’s excessive smartphone usage? Afraid it might turn out to be an addiction? Here are some ways in which we can keep children away from both smartphones and their harmful radiation.


With shrinking play spaces, children are forced to stay indoors. As a result, children spend their time playing with toys. Some also get hooked to gadgets like smartphones, which also double up as entertainment devices. To prevent this from happening, take children out to the park or some nearby playground to allow them to spend time running and playing. Let them sweat and enjoy, better than getting close to radiations! Although most parents lead very busy lives, it is important to take the time out for family bonding activities with children to keep them engaged. Playing board games or engaging your children along with you in activities such as cooking or gardening will keep them away from smartphones too.

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As smartphones are now an inseparable part of our lives, it is difficult to keep them away from children. Sooner or later, your child may become hooked to them. It is important to make your children understand that they can use the smartphone, but only for a short time. Discourage its use during mealtimes, study hours, bedtime or when it’s time to go out and play.


The vibrant colours and animations appearing on the smartphone screen appear attractive to children. Talk to your children and make them aware of the harmful effects of smartphone usage on health. Read to them and explain the various adverse effects or show them one of the videos available on You Tube.

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It is not always possible for you to be around your children to dissuade them from using a smartphone. In such a situation, technology itself can come to your rescue. Set a password on your phone so that your child cannot use it while you are away.


There are a number of parents who spend a lot of time on their smartphones. In such cases, instructing children may not be of much use, as they are bound to follow their parents’ footsteps. So, be a good role model for your children by limiting your usage of the phone. However, if your profession demands using phones a lot, do it away from the eyes of your child.