Pimples are a common problem that people of all ages can face. When someone has a breakout, they may want to know how to get rid of their pimples fast. You can’t get rid of pimple in a day, but you can make some significant progress in shrinking blemishes and reducing the redness. Breakouts are never welcomed, but in times like these when you really want to get rid of pimples fast. A person should not squeeze or “pop” a pimple. Doing so can spread the bacteria that cause acne, risking infection of the pimple, and acne scarring.



A lot of people drink green tea for its health benefits, but it can also be helpful when applied directly to the skin. Green tea contains flavonoids and tannins, which are known to help fight inflammation and bacteria that may cause pimples. Multiple studies have shown that people with acne experience significantly less sebum production and pimples when they apply green tea extract to their skin. Apply it to your face with a cotton ball or using a spray bottle.


When applied to the skin, aloe vera gel has been shown to help fight bacteria, reduce inflammation, promote wound healing and get rid of sunburn. Because of this, it’s a popular treatment for a variety of skin conditions including psoriasis, rashes, cuts and burns. There is a possibility that aloe vera gel could help clear up pimples on its own, it may be more effective when combined with other remedies, face creams or medications.


Ice cubes can support the blood circulation to the pimples areas and remove the dirt and oil on the skin. As soon as you apply, the pimples will quickly disappear. Prepare an ice bag by putting some ice cubes in a cotton towel or a piece of cloth and apply it directly to the affected areas. Hold it for about 3 to 4 minutes. Repeat the process several times to get the best results.


Garlic is well known for antiviral, anti-fungal, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Therefore it can help you to get rid of pimples as soon as you apply. Cut half fresh garlic clove and apply garlic (juice) directly to the pimples areas. Leave them for 10 minutes then rinse off with warm water. Repeat the remedies many times in a day to get more effects.

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Baking soda is very effective in removing excess oil and dead skin cells as well as exfoliating the skin. Due to that, it is a highly regarded solution for how to get rid of pimples. Mix well one teaspoon of baking soda with a little amount of water or lemon juice to get a paste. Apply the paste to the pimples and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it off with water. Repeat the process 2 times a day to get relief soon.

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